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Airports ✈️, bridges 🌉, passports 🌍, luggage👜. Someone told me I seem like I’m constantly running away. Every trip is an escape from my life. Nonsense. Every trip IS my life. Of course, packing up and heading out is liberating and has done wonders for me, but it’s not my prison break. But yes, sometimes I absolutely loathe the familiarity of a small town, how I’ve known people for over a decade, how they think they know you because they know how you lost your virginity, to who, your grades in high school, where you work or attend college, your favorite coffee place, the car you drive. When I leave, I get to define myself on my own. I get to share what I want. Being myself was never an issue, but really choosing who I am as a stranger to strangers in a strange place is very refreshing. I like who I am and my roots, but I don’t always want to be on the ground. Plenty of “adults” have told me to be realistic and get my head out of the clouds. But you don’t tell that to a girl who loves a change in scenery. After all, “your altitude is determined by your attitude.” // #sanfrancisco #bucketlist #traveling #traveladdict #exploring #lifelessons #quoteoftheday #instahub #jj_forum #love #goldengatebridge #springbreak  (at San Francisco International Airport (SFO))


verbal abuse & bullying is not ‘freedom of speech’

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When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. (via thedailypozitive) 340 notes